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Better Together

To be published by December, 2019. More details coming soon.

During school holidays, twelve year old Frida is asked by a boy to play rugby league on his team. She can’t believe it. Didn’t everyone know that she was a type-one diabetic? No one ever picked her for sports, much less rugby league - only boys played that. Encouraged by her father, she accepts the boy’s offer and has a try. To her surprise, she ends up having fun.

Frida wants to play more, but that’s tough. She gasps for breath after running for a few seconds. Exercising makes her blood glucose levels erratic. What’s worse is hardly anyone seems to care. Her mother thinks rugby league is too rough for a girl. Her best friend is annoyed, because it’s only stupid sports. The big girls on the team say Frida is too small. Oddly, Frida seems to be the only one worried about her diabetic condition.

Nah, none of that matters. Frida only wants to have fun. She’s ready to try something different. What’s wrong with that?

Yet everything isn’t about Frida. Rugby league is a team sport. She must understand how to fit in and play with her teammates - especially the surly girl she dislikes so much. The only way Frida will win is to learn how to respect her and earn respect in return.

That goes for the other boys and girls on the team, too. Somehow, they each have to put aside what they want and don’t want. The only way the team will win is to learn how to become better, together.

Win-Win For The Win!

Siren Plays Zeperno

Siren Plays Zeperno front cover

A deaf teenage girl and her mostly hard of hearing friends learn to play an online digital card-collectible game with a pro-disability esthetic called Zeperno. Despite trolls and well-meaning parents, they soon hone their skills enough to compete in esports.

Standalone novel.

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Better Together

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Release Date: December 2019.

A twelve year old girl with type-one diabetes wants to play sport, but she has problems. Her diabetic routine must change. She’s horribly unfit. Her mother forbids it. Most of her team either don’t care or dislike her. Winning the odd game would be nice.
Oh, and the sport is rugby league.

First book in the Win-Win For The Win series.

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Content edit: 100%
Third Parties: 30%

Next sci-fi novel

(A sci-fi novel - Book one in a trilogy)

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